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Maral Sheikhzadeh

Hey, Maral here.

I am a data scientist, living in Germany since 2019. I have a deep interest in extracting insight and patterns from seemingly random data and finding data-driven solutions for seemingly complex problems. My areas of focus are Deep Learning and Computer Vision, but I am interested in working with all sorts of data and on various problems.
Like most others, I am not only defined by what I do for a living. I also run, read, sometimes write and sometimes play chess with my husband and a few other friends. I believe the journey matters if not more than, then definitely not less than the destination.

Mental Freedom Newsletter

Starting the 1st of February, I will publish a mindfulness practice each day so that we do it together, and together we build presence around different areas of our life.
Join me in gaining mental freedom.

The most important relationship you can have is the one you have with yourself, the most important journey you can take is one of self-discovery. To know yourself, you must spend time with yourself, you must not be afraid to be alone. Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

Review Your Year in a Glance

Are you interested in setting new goals for yourself in the new year and analyzing your progress toward them?
I have created a series of sheets that can help you in tracking the habits you want to develop, and reviewing your progress toward your goals regularly.
I am adding some other features like a more descriptive instructions as well as more analytics for each chart in the following month and you can get the final version of it by writing an email to me with the subject line “Review Chart”.

Want to take a look? Here’s a link to the template.


Data & Coding

I enjoy coding in Python, analyzing data and extracting insights and patterns from apparently irrelevant data points. We live in the era of big-data and data-driven decision making. Understanding data, being able to analyze it are not just for coders, but for anyone who wants to survive & thrive at the age of data-overload.

Critical Thinking

Reasoning is not only fascinating, but also essential for good decision making. I can only say, there are lots of choice architects out there, aiming to influence our decsions. Critical thinking is one main requirement to make informed decisions.


Why are we here?! Does anyone know? Please write me if you have some solid understanding of the world we are in. Otherwise, it's something worth contemplating. Mindfulness gives a chance for that contemplation. It is a practice of reconnecting to life, and it is definitely worth a try.


Especially philosophy of mind and philosophy of science are of my interest, because, mind is our window to understanding this subjective life we are experiencing, and science is our gateway toward understanding the universe. I believe that philosophical thinking and questioning are invaluable tools for uncovering truths, guiding us in our quest for understanding.


Like philosophy, I have been curious about Creativity for many years. It is the place where the known and the unknown meet and the unknown is introduced to the world. I cannot say reading about creativity leads to having more of it. But exploring it through exposing oneself to different topics and areas of knowledge leads to sparks of creativity that (probably) wouldn't be possible otherwise.


The all-encompassing topic of growth covers most of the above topics, but is indeed a topic of my interest in and of itself. Learning, growing and becoming a better version of myself has been an active pursuit for me, not only in my profession, or in my hobbies, but overall. As a human being, I find it an essential part of my journey to grow and improve myself.